Dark and White-fronted Goose Hunting

Your morning begins at 4:30 am with freshly brewed coffee and a light breakfast. By 5:00 am, we depart on a 5 - 30 minute drive to begin hunting White-fronted (Speckle Bellies), Greater and Lesser Canada Geese in pea, wheat and/or barley stubble fields. A decoy spread consisting of 8 to 10 dozen full-body Carry Lite Super Mags, mag and standard decoys are utilized early in the season and increased as the season progresses. Our portable blinds are constructed with willows that are an asset when hunting early migration and are replaced with Avery layout blinds further into the hunting season.

By daybreak, you will hear thousands of geese before you witness the sky coming alive with enormous flocks of waterfowl making their way to their morning feeding grounds. With the expert calling techniques of the guides, the incoming will usually land within 15 - 20 yards from the blinds giving the hunters the opportunity to 'take'em' in close!

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