The 2,800 square foot character home is located on 10 acres of privately owned land. This central migration flyway offers flamboyant sunrises and sunsets, dancing northern lights (aurora borealis) and breathtaking natural land structures. Arabian and Quarter Horses occupy the acreage, adding to its country atmosphere.
The most common comment regarding the lodge is its inviting and warm atmosphere. Throughout the years many have enjoyed the family-like ambiance, all-you-can-eat home cooked meals and extended hospitality in a smoke free environment.

The multi-leveled lodge is constructed with cedar walls and beautiful hardwood floors in the dining room, reading room and upstairs bedrooms (because of this, we ask that you please remove all footwear). A screened in veranda is attached to the reading room, allowing smokers a bug free environment while enjoying the beautiful autumn evenings. The 900 square foot cedar den boasts plush carpets, computer that is internet and email accessible, and satellite T.V. Five bedrooms and two full baths accommodate 9 hunters at a time.
The acreage is equipped with many extras, such as self-bird cleaning and freezing facilities. Three Canadian Kennel Club approved 6 x 10 kennels are on site as well. However, if you prefer to kennel your prize hunting dogs in the home, we don't object! We only ask that you bring your own indoor kennel. As we too are animal lovers, there are other dogs on the premises so co-operation and proper handling of all dogs will ensure that every dog gets their playtime at liberty.


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