About Us

Shawn chooses guides who are motivated and experienced hunters. Each guide is also equipped with municipal road maps and accessible cellular service. As such, the guides attain a greater advantage of receiving immediate permission from local landowners, as well as aggressively locating the best fields in order to arrange a successful morning hunt. Due to the reputation of Prairie Sun Outfitting and the generous co-operation of local landowners, hunting pressure remains minimal.

Prairie Sun Outfitting is owned and operated by Shawn Prestupa. Being born and raised in the area in which the guided hunts occur, Shawn has gained vast knowledge of the area. As a result, he has become an accomplished hunter of various game and feels grateful that he has been given the opportunity, through his outfitting business, to share the thrill of an abundant hunt. Through his dedicated research and study of the migratory patterns and characteristics of waterfowl, he has experienced numerous times the benefits and thrill of a successful hunt. Together with his skilled guides, Shawn is devoted to securing a successful hunt for his clients by ensuring crucial hunting strategies are in place; such as favorable hunting conditions, the 'right timing', scouting, preparations and equipment...

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